What to Do in the City of Algona

Just because Algona is considered to be a small city doesn’t mean that there isn’t enough to keep everyone busy, young and old, as well as residents and visitors.

Visit Algona PW Camp Museum

This is a museum that is uniquely different and even your little ones will be intrigued with the history that they learn here. Many don’t realize that during World War II, Algona was a prisoner of war camp. This museum takes down the memory lane.

Explore Train Wreck Winery

Quite often, residents of Algona have visitors from other areas. They often like to take their guests to the Train Wreck winery for an afternoon out. Most find it quite enjoyable and really get to experience what the winery does and has to offer.

Outdoor Outings

Algona is a great city to visit at any time of the year. A visit to the city’s parks provides hours of enjoying the outdoor environment in all seasons. In the summer, the parks are a great place to take a stroll or a hike. In the winter months, there are opportunities for skiing and snowboarding.

While these are what are considered to be some of the tourist attractions, there are plenty of other mainstream types of activities that the residents make regular use of. Also, many tourists leverage them when they visit the area.

There are regular activities like enjoying a game of bowling or heading out to the movies. Then there are some great bars and clubs for those interested in some night-life activities. For families, there are some great family restaurants that will provide some excellent home-cooked cuisines, or there are plenty of takeout options. Another great pastime is making use of the great golf courses. If you have a family, you little angels can enjoy some mini golf.