Should Young People Become Involved in Politics?

Kids are meant to be kids but they all have to grow up sometimes, and with the recent devastating dangers that been exposed to, many are growing up much faster than they should be. It is also pushing them into the realm of politics. Many question whether this part of a tragedy can be classed as a good thing.

On the Federal Level

Kids who have become in the political arena have been pulled in at the Federal level because they know that the major changes that they are looking for have to come from the President right on down. By some of the youth organizing and conducting themselves in an orderly manner has impressed much of the country.

On the State Level

Recent events have also forced many of the youth to take a closer look at the politics on the state level. There have been groups organized that have challenged some of the political leaders in regards to changes that can be made within the states.

Local Government

To a lesser degree, there has been some youth involvement with local governments. Even small cities like the city of Algona has a political body that oversees the town. The youth here as with anywhere else are entitled to be heard.

The Pros and Cons

In some ways the youth becoming involved on a political level helps to prepare them for the future. What cannot be forgotten is that the children of today are the adults of the future. Many of them will go onto becoming politicians themselves. Some of the lessons learned today will be carried forward with them. When it does it could change the face of politics as it is known today. There are many that would tend to agree that this may be a good thing.